Shop Nine and Three Quarters is currently home to three tattoo artists

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Adam Cooley, Keith Lin and Alex Heart's work

Each Tattoo Artist specialises in different styles of tattooing. 

Adam Cooley specialises in movie, comic and cartoon tattoos and has a realistic and comic book style of tattooing.

Alex Heart specialises in Anime, Disney and cartoon tattoos and has a more graphic style of tattooing.

Keith Lin specialises in Bold, solid color and awesome origami tattoos. He has a solid tattoo style that is bold, bright and colorful.

All our Tattoo Artists enjoy tattooing pop culture tattoos of all kinds, including gaming, comic books, anime, movies, cartoons and other fandoms. 

Adam, Alex and Keith are professionally trained Tattoo Artists and have undergone traditional tattoo apprenticeships.


All our tattoo artists pride themselves on their hygiene, work ethic and attention to detail. 


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